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Join our next forum for concerned citizens and community advocates!

Next Meeting!

What if there was One Single Change to Policing that would bring peace to the streets, save the taxpayers billions, end the Covid lockdowns, eliminate 60,000 SWAT team raids a year, and restore respect for the police?


That change is ending enforcement of victimless crimes… Victimless crimes are not really crimes…  They are crimes where politicians and the government attempt to legislate morality or raise revenue on the population.

Many honest Judges, Prosecutors, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Deputies, and Police Officers understand the illogical nature and immorality of arresting peaceful people for victimless crimes and raising revenue on their friends and neighbors.  They are “Striking the Root” and organizing as the Law Enforcement Action Partnership to campaign for an end to drug prohibition, civil asset forfeiture, stop & frisk and other activities

How to REDLINE Your Department – For Chiefs, Sheriffs, Police Officers and Deputies

Police officers are your family friends and neighbors too! Talk to them about the pressures of their job in regard to victimless crimes and administrative corruption. Expose the aggressive enforcement practices and fear of the public fostered in police training academies near you. Demand and acquire access to all training information. Call for the immediate expulsion from your community of all federal law enforcement agencies and fusion centers as they are unconstitutional and a clear and present danger to individual liberty and personal freedom.

Get Involved!   Download a Free Copy of our Guide to THICKREDLINING your local Sheriff or Police Department whether you are an Officer/Deputy, Sheriff/Chief, Elected Official or Community Activist when you sign up for our e-mail list.  Confidentially Assured!

February 1, 2021

THICKREDLINE’s 1st Major Update – Tom Woods, Capital Campaign and International Growth

Dear Friends and Supporters of the THICKREDLINE Project,

WOW!  That escalated quickly! After James Corbett of the Corbett Report interviewed us in mid-November we were inundated with interest about THICKREDLINE... From around the World... You can see some numbers on our growth below.

We went radio silent as our tiny team dealt with hundreds of e-mails, 100+ orders for thousands of handbooks and cards.  We have been "heads down" getting the backend systems in place for same-day fulfillment and scalable growth and it has only been in the past two weeks that we have begun doing media again.

Here is what we learned in our first three months:

January 25, 2021

THICKREDLINE Interviewed on the Tom Woods Show

New York Times bestselling author, podcaster and Senior Fellow at the Mises Institute, Tom Woods, interviews THICKREDLINE co-founders Matt White and Howard Lichtman on the overlooked source of police abuse: Victimless Crimes.