Thank You for visiting the THICKREDLINE community advocates information page. You can view the handbook below. And purchase copies to share with your family, friends, and neighbors as soon as you are ready by clicking here.

We have found the greatest success in those communities where a small, dedicated, passionate group works with us to determine the best strategy to take their community THICKREDLINE. Sometimes it starts with just one person. And that can quickly grow to a powerful force for good with some strategic help and direction.

Since our beginnings, we have worked with a team of Senior Advisors in developing messaging and programming to achieve the goals we all want – Policing that is moral, just, and preserves the Freedom we are all born with. Our advisors are experienced and well versed in understanding the process by which real change occurs at the local level.

We know that events are unfolding almost daily not only in the United States but around the World that cause us all to question the claims of commitment to freedom and fundamental human Rights of governments both far away and now even local too.

Many of us that had never considered ourselves organizers or activists of any kind are now realizing we must become involved in the events unfolding all around us. Without decisive action now, we risk losing, not only the freedoms we have enjoyed but, those same freedoms for our children and future generations. For many this is a daunting realization. You might say, “where do I even start”?

THICKREDLINE senior advisors are here to offer insight, knowledge, skill, and dedication to you in your own community right now. They will work with you to understand the unique challenges in your county, town, or city, and work to best position your local group for success.

When you are ready to take the first steps to take your community policing REDLINE reach our to us directly.  Want to learn more? Join us for a free bi-weekly orientation meeting. Here you can listen and ask general questions about the THICKREDLINE Project and get answers directly from the people most deeply involved.  CLICK HERE to view a calendar for the community advocate orientations. Click on the time and date of your choice and sign up for an upcoming event now! Ready to talk specifics about REDLINING you hometown or more? Book a private consultation planning program today!

We are here to help you for one simple reason. All of our freedom is tied together. Helping you helps ourselves. Tyranny in the name of safety or any other false promise must be actively rejected. Join us!