Dear Valued, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Deputies, Officers and State/Federal Peace Officers,

We get it. You joined the force to protect Life, Liberty, and Property. You work hard to make sure your communities are safe, healthy places for your friends, neighbors, and all those who work, play, or visit there.

What has happened to us? Violent anti-police groups pushing for defunding. Politicians who do not support you while at the same time enacting laws and rules that are in direct violation of our Constitution. A public who has grown increasingly frustrated with all of it. Most of whom simply want to live in peace and contentment.

We are here to help. We are pro REAL law enforcement. We know that a peaceful society requires; well trained, moral Peace Officers ready to serve and protect us from those who would hurt us.  We know that each of you has a THICKREDLINE. A line you will not cross when it comes to protecting the Liberty and Freedom that we all treasure. We know you will not cross that line no matter what any politician says. Maybe you have not fully determined just where that line in you heart, mind, and soul ought to be drawn. That line you will not step over for any man, no matter their claim on authority.

We also know this is not easy. It takes teamwork and support to be successful, you your friends and neighbors working together.

You are invited to CLICK HERE to view a calendar and join an upcoming teleconference specifically for Peace Officers. You’ll learn more about us. And, how we can help.

See you there!