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About Telegram:

We could tell you about the Telegram app but, we believe you should always do your own research. Our friends at the alternative search engine Presearch offer these results:

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By configuring a Telegram Channel functionality in the way that we did, we are able to offer you a nearly infinitely scalable solution for organization by any geographic area. Once we create a group/ “post”, the conversation is yours!

If you do not find a post for your chosen area, just ask one of the admins in the channel and we will make a group for you by creating a “post” for the area you designate. Be the first in your Country, State/Province, Hometown or neighborhood to start a REDLINE group and find others while others find YOU! This is what we are calling, START BIG go small....


What this means is the THICKREDLINE project is brand new. You could be the first person in your country to request a “post” be created for you to begin to find others. Or, in this case for others to find YOU. You may be the first member of your group but as others find THICKREDLINE they will find you! That is “STARTING BIG”!

Now take it small!

As you meet people nationally you may begin to meet others who are more local to you. As this happens THICKREDLINE encourages you to start groups (posts) for more and more specific local areas. Regions, States, Provinces, County, Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods, your own Street. This is how we take it small.

This is decentralization at work. This is how we REDLINE the WORLD down to your neighborhood and every police officer and department around it!

Download Telegram

Once in the THICKREDLINE - My Groups channel this is some of the the text of the pinned message you will find providing all the instruction you will need to START BIG and go small!

“HERE: Meet other Redliners and get organized where you live!!!

Search "posts" to join discussions by geographic area.
(country, state/province, county, city, town, neighborhood, or "uniquely defined by you").

Can't find one for you??? Suggest your home be included here!

Define your area and simply ask us to create a "post" that will contain a comment/discussion section in the name of your specified locality.

This will give you a dedicated online space to begin organizing with family, friends, neighbors, and more to move The THICKREDLINE Movement forward in your home town!

Send us your own THICKREDLINE inspired logo image to adorn your local post and make it stand out like the ones you see here!

Find or create your home here and join in the comments/discussion of each post relative to your location today!

Questions? Just ask one of our Admins in this Channel via PM (private message).

We hope this is a helpful tool! More to come!!!”

Download Telegram

Then, build or find your THICKREDLINE tribe today!

**special note – Want a sneak peak? You can view Telegram “channels” from your web browser without the application
installed. Just click the link.