Police and Community Endorsements

“Ending unethical and unconstitutional enforcement of lockdowns and mask mandates ends the violation of the Right of the people to assemble and associate freely, at their own risk, Refusing to intervene in consensual, non-coercive acts and prohibitions breaks the backs of drug cartels, pimps and human traffickers, It put humans in control of their own actions and causes them to be responsible to those actions equally. This simple recognition of the principles of freedom focuses valuable police time and resources on REAL crimes. Crimes with REAL victims saving the People billions while naturally reducing the power of control and corruption in government!”

– Former Sheriff Richard Mack, Founder of the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association and THICKREDLINE Advisory Board Member

“EVERYONE respects and appreciates the police when they are focused on murders, rapists, and thieves, and those who would harm the vulnerable.  It is the victimless crimes and revenue generation that cause division and strife.  I want our officers focused on busting bad guys vs. being forced to raise revenue on their friends and neighbors.”

– Dave Austin, Alderman – City of Vergennes, Vermont and #THICKREDLINE Advisory Board Member