Our Team

Howard Lichtman

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Howard Lichtman is the founder of the THICKREDLINE Project.
He is president of the Human Productivity Lab, a consultancy that helps world-class distributed organizations learn and collaborate at the speed of light. He has been arrested three times in 2020 for victimless crimes wasting his time, police resources, and taxpayer monies. The THICKREDLINE Project came out of discussions with Sheriff’s deputies and police officers that didn’t want to be enforcing victimless crimes or raising revenue on their friends and neighbors for politicians.
``The quickest way to end violence and division in our cities is to put an end to the polices that cause violence and division.`` - Howard Lichtman

Matt White


Matt White is co-founder of THICKREDLINE and the co-author of the Handbook. Matt is the CEO of the blockchain start up Trive.News that is working to create a global decentralized truth discovery network. Articles and news will be fact checked using game theory and reputation engines to keep moneyed interests from gaming the system where the results are “hashed and stashed” on an immutable, uncensorable blockchain. In his 20’s Mr. White founded owned and operated an Alaska based adventure tour company that served a global market for 18 years. Matt was active developing initiatives for non-extractive equity based land use solutions on public lands. He has worked with leading political, science and thought leaders. “Starting a business on any frontier is difficult. When you are further challenged with shaping an industry in an unknown future environment, that’s when it gets exciting!” Matt is a professional skier, motorcycle racer, cyclist, adventurer, consultant, friend and lover of life.
“The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.” H. S. Thompson