Our Team

Howard Lichtman

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Howard Lichtman is the founder of the THICKREDLINE Project.
He is president of the Human Productivity Lab, a consultancy that helps world-class distributed organizations learn and collaborate at the speed of light. He has worked at one of the “Big 4” think tanks in Washington, DC, has worked on Wall Street, and has been an operating executive and board member of a number of technology companies in networking, telepresence and visual collaboration. The THICKREDLINE Project came out of discussions with Sheriff’s deputies and police officers that didn’t want to be enforcing victimless crimes or raising revenue on their friends and neighbors for politicians.
``The quickest way to end violence and division in our cities is to put an end to the polices that cause violence and division.`` - Howard Lichtman

Dave Austin


David Austin is a City Councilman in Vergennes, Vermont, where he has been elected to six terms. He has an extensive background in management, particularly in the finance and real estate sectors. He has been a board member of several economic development groups, both locally and in other regions.

David has a clear understanding of the importance of limited government, particularly as related to individual well-being and economic opportunity. In addition to his work, he operates a homestead and organic farm stand that allows for a level of self-sufficiency.