The Immorality of Enforcing Victimless Crimes

Victimless Crimes are Not Really Crimes… And Make the Cops the Criminals

A real crime, by definition, has a perpetrator and a victim: murder, assault, rape, theft, and extortion are all obvious crimes because there is a victim.  Politicians and unelected bureaucrats frequently institute illogical, immoral and counter-productive “laws” (politician scribbles) and executive orders that penalize peaceful, non-violent people for “crimes” that have no victim.

Drug possession, gambling, beach fires, and making arrests for ignoring Covid-19 lock down and social distancing orders are examples of victimless crimes where politicians attempt to get police to use violence and extortion immorally and preemptively on mostly peaceful people frequently to raise revenue or attempt to legislate their version of morality.   

Making Cops the Criminals

There is no way to sugar coat the reality of enforcing victimless crimes: When the police use violence and coercion against peaceful people for victimless crimes it makes the cops the real criminals who are engaged in kidnapping and extortion under the color of law.

Under the 1000+ year tradition of Natural Law morality is black and white:  A crime has a perpetrator and a victim.  If there isn’t a victim then there isn’t a crime.  When police enforce the edicts of politicians to legislate morality, attempt to enforce tyrannical medical martial law or raise revenue on their neighbors they are the ones violating peaceful people’s right to be left alone.  They are using violence and/or the threat of violence to kidnap peaceful people who aren’t hurting anyone, seize (steal) their vehicles, and extort money out of them for fines, fees and court costs.

Now the politicians and their accomplices in the monopoly media are trying to force the police to enforce more and more tyranny on the people:

  • Lockdowns and medical martial law under the auspices of a manufactured plandemic based on tests designed for false positives and disease/death models that have been proven fraudulent
  • Incremental & stealth gun confiscation under “red flag laws”
  • Open discussion of forced vaccinations

Sheriffs and police are ultimately going to have to draw a THICKREDLINE in the sand and declare they are with the people.  Drawing that line at: No Victim, No Crime is the moral, logical place to draw the line and it instantly restores respect to the police.
The way you can tell if you have an honest Sheriff, Police Chief, Deputy, Officer or elected official is do they openly reject using violence on peaceful people to enforce their version of morality on society or raise revenue on their neighbors.

Its the Enforcement of Victimless Crimes that Leads to Unintended Deaths, Riots, and Racial/Societal Division

When the police are busting murderers, rapists, and thieves then everyone loves the police!  It is the enforcement of victimless crimes that leads to the murder of innocents.  Because these laws can be selectively enforced, racist police officers can target peaceful people of color on the streets and highways where their cars are searched looking for “illegal” drugs that are often less harmful than what is available in the “legal” pharmacy.

Breonna Taylor, Rashard Brooks, and Eric Garner are just a few of the victims who have been murdered by police enforcing victimless crimes. Many of these deaths have resulted in rioting, multi-million dollar judgments paid for by tax payers, retribution killings of police officers, and other unintended consequences.

Breonna TaylorLouisville, Kentucky – United States
Victimless Crime: Drug Prohibition. Police were serving a no-knock raid in a drug case involving Ms. Taylor’s ex-boyfriend where officers fired blindly through a window killing Ms. Taylor.
Additional Lives Lost & Cost to Tax-Payers: $12 Million Dollar Settlement to Taylor Family, 2 Police Officers Shot in Louisville after the police officers’s were not charged with murder, rioting with over 127 arrests.

Rashard BrooksAtlanta, Georgia – United States
Victimless Crime:  Falling Asleep in a Drive Through

Additional Lives Lost & Cost to Tax-Payers: The officer charged with killing Brooks has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against the department for wrongful termination.

Eric Garner New York City, New York- United States

Victimless Crime: Selling Untaxed Cigarrettes

Oscar Grant Oakland, California-United States

Victimless Crime: Being on the wrong Train and the wrong time

Tamir Rice– Cleveland, Ohio- United States

Victimless Crime: Playing with his toy

Philando CastileSt. Anthony, Minessota- United States

Victimless Crime: Broken Tail Light

Walter ScottNorth Charlestone, South Carolina- United States

Victimless Crime: Broken Tail Light

Al-Bishara– Chatsworth, Atlanta-United States

Victimless Crimes: Cutting Dandelions for Her Salad

Alex Wublles– Salt Lake City, Utah- United States

Victimless Crime: Doing Her Job