We pattered our pledge off the One Minds Campaign of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, which we support and applaud, which encourages Sheriff's Offices and Police Departments to pledge to commit to training to improve how officers and deputies deal with people with mental illness. To date over 550+ agencies have taken the pledge. We believe our pledge has the ability to save even more lives, end the violence and racial division in our cities, save tax payers' billions, break the back of drug cartels and pimps, and restore respect for the police. If your Sheriff, Police Chief, Deputies, and Officers have trouble pledging to only protect "Life, Liberty and Property" and quit violating human rights and natural law then you need to ask yourself: Why?

Draft – The Thick Red Line Pledge – Draft

The officers of this department recognize natural law and understand that it is morally and logically impossible for the government or our badge to confer rights upon us that the population does not have and cannot delegate.

We pledge to only act to protect lives, liberty and property.

We renounce the use of violence on peaceful people and refuse to enforce:
Victimless crimes including prohibitions on sales of substances or services between consenting adults, gambling, mandated masks, possession of firearms, accidentless “speeding” or other victimless traffic infractions.
Mandated medical interventions including forced vaccination, mandated social distancing, or closure of businesses based on alleged public health issues.
Seizure of money or property through asset forfeiture.
Mandated tax stickers, emissions testing, insurance regulations and other government-revenue collection where the government doesn’t have a willing counter-party.